water is our most precious commodity

040103man_head_spinning_md_clr_prv.gifOctober 16th is being considered water conservation day. Fresh water is becoming more scarce with the melting of ice caps and revealing more mountain peaks and higher ocean levels.  The water from the melt off on the Rockies of the Colorado river didn’t feed the areas of the west like Nevada, California, and Arizona just to name a few states.  Drilling and removal of trees will not help our Earth but rather continue to age her more rapidly.

Our environmental actions are important in order for us to attempt to save our water supply  if not for ourselves at least for our children and their children…

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5 Responses to water is our most precious commodity

  1. jessicateacher says:

    I totally agree! People take conserving water for granted and your thoughts bring up wonderful points.

  2. cgoetz197 says:

    I agree! I think that the environmental issues that we are facing as a country should be taken serious.

  3. eeaton says:

    I agree too! I am all about conserving water and recycling. I always turn off the water when I’m bushing my teeth!

  4. dorothyteacher says:

    I agree completely! Not enough people are raised to conserve Earth’s precious resources.

  5. babilawrence says:

    Water is definitely our most precious commodity and I am glad that people our waking up to the need to conserve.

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