Here is a wonderful free site that will assist teachers with their new instructional strategies.

Here students can use the format for creating a comic book to demosntrate what they have learned by producing a comic book displaying the student’s understanding of the subject.

There are other software programs such as comic life. This software has a yearly fee. I find this a good program but then you have to continue the fee to maintain the upgrades. Comic books are a media tool that can help students become organized in their thinking and creative in employing their  communcation skills, such as grammar and spelling.

So have fun


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  1. Meera says:

    Comics are a truly a creative medium and work really well in enhancing student communication skills or to test their understanding on any subject.

    You can also try ToonDoo, an easy-to-use comic strip creator with loads of cool features. Your students will love it!

    ToonDudette from

  2. Thanks for blogging about Pixton! We’re adding cool new features all the time and always welcome feedback – feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions.

    Best wishes,
    Clive Goodinson
    Creator of

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