Back again

I am trying to keep up this blog, but it is difficult. I have joined “Classroom 2.0” That is a very excellent site to exchange information and also make friends and even set up classroom exchanges. Already I have been guided to a site that is safe and I can set up my online classroom. I can’t wait to use it during the year with my classes.

I am also going to set up a blog site for my students in order for students to exchange questions and ideas.  Did this in NYC when I  was involved with the water project that I wrote. It worked out great and I did get the results that I wanted.

I also want to use more wikis with teachers and students as well.

I think that prioritizing would be better for the new school year. I will miss Linda Martinelli. She is one of the most unusual and finest media specialists that I have had the great privilege of knowing  and working . She is so talented and she is a great researcher. She has provided me with some many wonderful places to use in my teaching.

 I remember the former head of library services at RC.; how we discussed how important to have students use the internet effectively and efficiently in educational endeavors.  I came to DePaul and found the right person to work with. Having a masters in educational arts and distance learning has opened so many doors for me but I still find that many teachers like the children still regard the computer as an entertainment tool. It is more than that

I was teaching this past winter Biology to elementary school teachers to help them implement science into their classrooms. They were not science majors and had decent computer skills. I used Quia. com to help them keep up with information and also with testing. I was able to test on line with excellent security.  It was great because the computer program did the scoring and it was great. I was able to make it as long as possible and used different assessment questioning techniques.


Be back again,


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