Project-based Inquiry

Students could help by doing research about the Everyglades. Students who do not live inFlorida can use the images on the Everglades from the internet and also from textbooks. Using this information, students can come up with a Info-mercials, Public Service Alert, Enchanced podcasts, slide shows, and movies about how we can help save the Everglades. Just because we don’t live there doesn’t mean thatw e don’t have a responsibility to learn as much as we can.

Stidents without the media tools can create ejournals, write to their represntatives, and write articles to the newspaper. They can create their own braodcast and send it into the local media stations.

This is teaching  students not only science but how to organize their thoughts and words in to a variety of expressions.

The strategies for instructon will cove writingl language arts, math, charting :  comparison and contrasting. Performace task assessments are just as valid and reliable method to evaluate the learning process. It is increasing knowledge content and it application.



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