Tutoring…. why?

I have taken up tutoring for payment

I have noticed that students who are taking Chemistry and Biology, all levels, are having problems with keeping up with the material.  I know that part of the problem is trying to adhere to a curriculum and Testing! BUT!!!

If students do not seek help during the 1st semester the student will become exceedingly behind and it becomes difficult for the teacher and the tutor to help bring the student up to a level of feeling comfortable with the subject material. The importance is developing a foundation for learning a difficult subject. Parents think that tutors can make the difference; tutors cannot do a good job if the student is just having the tutor work the problem and they do nothing to solve the problem.  The students become frustrated so quickly and give up..  SO PARENTS  if you are reading this, help your children early on. Tutors cannot do labs when they see that labs were not properly conducted, because that is not their job… Tutors are really needed to strengthen learning experiences that are in need of a different approach. Students must engage in learning..

Frustrations causes students to turn off and the tutoring does not work… egos  MUST be left outside of the situation

Parents do not tell tutors what your child needs, many of us are certified teachers with years of classroom experiences… don’t tell us what to do and how we should do it… IF you know then you can do it… you have to TRUST US…

About maryberger

Professor of biology and educator science researcher. Working with Plasma physics has opened a whole new area of interest and science investigations! As a professor these last several years, I have really embraced my personal motto of E^3. Enrich, enhance and Empower scientific and theological thought in how we treat our world and our scientific discipline of Biology, Chemistry, and PHYSICS! Yes, physics! Looking toward the future by teaching and learning from the past(evolution) and influencing the economics, political, scientific, and educational policies for transformation changes Futurist is defined as one understands how to use the different learning environments for different learning styles to implement the necessary, responsible, and productive changes. Science is the focal discipline in which my educational philosophy is the delivery platform. There is still time to save our world by listening, thinking, and practicing our beliefs. There is still time to perform good experimental science and change the world.
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