Food is so much a part of my life

I am doing some research regarding different cooking styles of basic casa lingua recipes.

A very famous dish is one that is know as La Genovese.  This dish is a purely a beautiful rich meat sauce that combines pasta with the meat sauce. The history of this dish is a mystery. It is Neapolitan. One of the really authentic dishes that shows the innovation and creativity in cooking of Naples. It is a not a dish from Genoa but it is strictly a Neapolitan dish. I remember my Aunts making is. It was time consuming dish to prepare but it was such a pleasure to put each morsel into your mouth.  Yummy…

I guess I had some extra onions around and a nice cut of  beef, sirloin.  So with a little ingenuity I attempted to remember what I saw when my aunt was making the dish and a recipe from one of my cook books. I love braising meat. I have another recipe that I learned from Guiliano Hazan, son of Marcela Hazan, she was one of the first Italians to write an authentic cooking book using American ingredients and the Italian know how.

I pinned Mario’s recipe on my Pinboard. 


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