This is my explanation of who I am. I am a scientist who is dedicated to education. I have always believed that most of the science professors in college that I have had in the lecture hall were not truly interested in teaching because they have dreams of researching.  This was how it was when I went to school. I do believe that many of these teachers thought they knew how to assess and evaluate their students and thought they were teaching the right models.

Life allows all of us to take different routes.  Some are able to combine the two and inspire future scientists; some prefer their dream and education is an obligation.  I decided that each scientist has their dream an mine would combine the two.  That is how I have spent the last twenty years.

I have always thought and taught where there is Art there is science; where there is Science there is art. If you study the video made by the Harvard staff through the HHMI grant. It is a great illustration about the art and science. There is another great video that talks about how communication has changed and has made our world so small. The video is called “shifthappens”. Think about it and realize as educators we are responsibleto prepare our students for these changes.

Mary J. Berger


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